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About Us


Dew Drops Daycare Centre Calmar has been operating in the Calmar community since September 2012. The current operators previously ran the Little Otters  Daycare in Leduc for the past 8 years prior to opening Dew Drops Daycare Centre and therefore have a vast experience for the daycare business. We are a provincially licensed and certified centre serving up to 39 children from 12 months to 12 years. We are a team of well-qualified educators who are passionate about childcare and enjoy working with children.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy provides the basis for our daycare policies and practices.  The policy is as outlined below:


  • Each child is an important individual with varying and changing needs, abilities and preferences that we will strive to meet.

  • Each child is viewed as a “whole”, developing in all aspects physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively and intellectually each aspects of development is of equal importance.

  • Children can best develop in an environment that provides trust, security and encouragement.

  • Families have the most influence on a child’s development, so it is very important to have open communication with them. This will help the child to meet their developmental stages.

Our centre is structured so that children can learn and explore in a safe space. We provide open-ended activities so children can learn at their own pace. Our role as educators is to construct an environment that is full of various options that are safe and age appropriate, allowing and encouraging children to make their own choices based on their interests. The staff assists children in their play, by enhancing the child’s experience by guiding them towards discovering more information related to the choices the children make.

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Our Goals

Provide high quality care for every child in our daycare

Ensure families have access to resources and assistance that allow for well-informed choices concerning parenting and related issues

Establish and cultivate positive self-esteem in each and every child

Encourage each child's use of language so that talking and listening are viewed as positive

Promote the development of gross and fine motor skills

Lay a foundation of appropriate social interactions and relationships

Encourage the development of a healthy lifestyle

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